An Exploration of Gratitude: Living Out God's Dream
2022 Estimate of Giving

Throughout this Lenten Season we’ve been on an Exploration in Gratitude, looking at the abundant ways God has blessed us as the people of Milford First UMC. Now, in grateful response to the abundance of God’s blessings, we're asked to prayerfully estimate offering our time, our talents, and our treasure in order to support all that God is doing through our church.

Please spend some prayerful time considering what God has been doing in the life of Milford First, and give thought to how you hope to respond to what God will continue to do through the mission and ministries of our congregation. Then, complete an Exploration in Gratitude form and return it to the church.

  1. Consider how much time you intend to give to the ministries of the church each month.

  2. List 1 or 2 talents you are willing to share with the church for ministry.

  3. Estimate how much of your treasure you hope to give to the MFUMC each month to financially support the ministries.


We’re Kingdom People, people who dare to dream, trusting God to lead us into the future of God’s Intention. We’re also Grateful People, yearning to return to God a part of the great blessings we all enjoy. Through estimating the giving of our time, our talents, and our treasures, we help church leaders plan for current and future ministries, while clearly expressing our Gratitude to God.

Complete your form and return it to the church no later than Easter Morning, April 17th, 2022. Only the church treasurer will see your form, sharing only your gift of time and talents with church leaders. The gift of your treasure is known ONLY to the treasurer.


Pastor Steven Rodgers
Senior Pastor, Milford First UMC